2022 CRE Tech Symposium 5.0

CRE Tech Symposium 5.0

Tuesday, October 4th


THE CONNECTED OFFICE - The future of the workplace is transforming beyond the four walls of the traditional office as employees choose when, where, and how to work.  For employers, it’s about connecting the office to enable collaboration and productivity to occur in multiple places.  Technology has become the panacea for senior executives to seek to get employees to return to the office.  For CRE Leaders, enabling the office to be flexible, portable, and digital is only one aspect of how the connected office can tell the story technology plays in supporting the workplace.  Underpinning the employee-facing, tech-enabled collaboration tools, are the sensors and usage data CRE executives can leverage to optimize their portfolios and help Senior Leaders run their business more people-centric manner.

Join the conversation at CoreNet’s 5th Annual Tech Symposium and hear a distinguished lineup of workplace experts and technologists discuss what that transformation looks like, and how technology will support a people-centric, hybrid workplace.

The key discussion will include:

  • How is the Office changing and what’s driving that?   
  • What’s driving the current sea change in workplace environments?
  • What role is technology playing in that change?  
  • When we think about technology in the workplace, what are we really asking to help us solve?
  • What information or data can technology expose to us as we seek to determine what a Connected Office is for our organizations and our real estate?
  • How can technology capture the right data and help address your organization's most important issues?
  • When we think about Data, what should you know and how should you leverage it?

Confirmed Speakers
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