Mentor/Mentee Program

Mentor/Mentee Program

The Mid-Atlantic chapter’s Mentor/Mentee match program promotes professional development on a one-to-one relationship basis.  Matches are created throughout the year and are based upon mutual interests/specialties between a young leader and senior leader to share experiences, relationships, and knowledge in an open and supportive environment.

Expand your professional knowledge and skills by getting involved in the Chapter’s successful mentoring program. It’s a great way to increase communication skills, learn how to navigate professional growth, understand CoreNet and add a personal touch to your career development whether you are a senior leader or a young leader.

The mentor/mentee program will be allowed up to two attendees at each CRE End User Dinner throughout the year for a total of 12 opportunities. These dinners are private group events comprised of mostly end-user leaders and each focuses on an important topic facing Corporate Real Estate departments.

Program Guidelines:

  • After pairs are connected at the end of this month Mentors/Mentees will be asked to have an introductory zoom/coffee/call.
  • Mentors/Mentees will be paired together to meet individually on a monthly basis moving forward.
  • Reminder emails will go out on a recurring basis to program participants. Some months may include a specific topic to discuss.
  • One group event hosted by a mentor will be held each quarter. Events will include a lunch, happy hour, or a tour of an ongoing project. (Mentors only)
  • Mentees will be able to attend one CRE end-user dinner throughout the year (It is not guaranteed that they will be able to participate in their preferred dinner).

The ability to sign up for the program is February 28th.