CRE Week 2022

       Corporate Real Estate Week 2022

Corporate Real Estate Week 2022
April 18th - April 22nd

Corporate Real Estate Week 2022 will be a global celebration of the profession of corporate real estate. The pandemic has illustrated the value of corporate real estate in redefining how and where people work, how offices and cities are designed.

Corporate Real Estate Week is an opportunity to celebrate and lift the profession and increase its visibility as a career option and for C-Suite executives to understand the value .

Here, we share with you the tools that you can use all week to promote corporate real estate.

Create Video Content

Ideas to utilize:
  • Tour of workplace: show COVID-related changes, designs, describe return to work schedule 
  • Corporate real estate professionals: How did you establish a career in corporate real estate? 
    • When did you start?
    • What are your responsibilities?
    • What advice do you have for people considering the profession? 
What's next?

Create Social Media Content

Use the graphics we provided to insert you picture and answer the prompt:

  • “What I find most rewarding about a career in corporate real estate is:”
  • “I think corporate real estate can have an impact on society because:”
  • “Corporate real estate can have an influence on global warming because:”
Include the hashtag #CREWeek22

Social Media Backgrounds
Stories Backgrounds

View the Video example below - Thank you Jon Machiran!